Our Story


We are Gerry and Chris Hill two eccentric individuals who have a passion for creating unusual and beautiful things for your home. For many years we have worked hard, to create a unique style in our home which reflects our personality and taste.
Through the years we have toiled as humble public servants, working within the social care and education sector feeling unfulfilled. We have contemplated building our own business, but have never had the guts to take that final leap. Many family and friends have been impressed with our distinctive style, whilst also reusing old materials or nature to complete our home and garden projects. 
Finally, we decided to make our passion and interests into a reality. In April this year we decided to launch our online business from September. We endeavoured to use every weekend and evening constructing our own warehouse/office in our back garden! We have laboured many hours looking for interesting finds and crafting one off items for your home. We also have a local network of local crafts people in Gloucestershire and worldwide if you are looking for more bespoke items. 
We hope you enjoy perusing through our gems and hope you are able to find the special item you are looking for. From our home to yours...